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Welcome to PRS clan website.Polish Rebel Squad is a multigaming community, bringing together Insurgency, Day of Infamy, Squad, WoT and Killing Floor 2 players. We host game servers as well as Team Speak for people to play on and enjoy! Feel free to join us on Team Speak to get to know ourselves better! Most people are over 18 but we do not discriminate against any age or sex.
If you decide to join us, start with the application on the forum.
Good luck and see you on the battlefield!

Our servers are as follows: 

 Polish Rebel Squad


Team Speak 3


Day of Infamy

Killing Floor 2

hasło : prs


Rising Storm 2 Vietnam


Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead





We are group of people who meet together to spend our free time playing the game on the voice server.

Playing is for us most of all an excuse to have some fun. Most of us are adults and parents so we have limited time to play…

In order to join clan we require all candidates to:
– present high level of propriety, we are not allowing offensive nicks or forum signatures,
– have a headset and microphone and have access to Teamspeak 3,
– frequent presence on our TS3 server ( ), we would like to know you better before we decide to take you as a member,
– register at the portal,

We prefer mature people, active and willing to help others, there is no age limit,
We do not tolerate annoying people.

We don’t require registration form, we will verify candidates through Teamspeak, that is requirement to join our clan.
Clan members must pass a probation period which is not specified it depend on your activity.
Once you will be chosen as a member you will get [PRS] prefix on TS3 and PRS member on forum.

What do we offer:

– play in nice atmosphere on our own servers,
– our help no only regarding the games,
– possibility to take part in gaming tournaments from time to time,
– email account,
– own channel on TS3 if you want.

Person responsible for international contacts – Commendante ( )

Join us !!!
Polish Rebel Squad